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AI is gaining recognition as the next breakthrough in technology. It’s no wonder that people are searching for the best WordPress AI plugin to take advantage of AI technology on their WordPress blogs.

With artificial intelligence being the next big technology, WordPress site owners and authors don’t want to be left out. AI plugins for WordPress can help authors quickly take advantage of the latest generation of artificial intelligence technology.

What is AI?

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AI or Artificial Intelligence is a field of study in the computer science world that attempts to enable machines, or computers, to mimic and recreate the behavior of human beings. AI systems can complete tasks that may have taken human intervention or thought in the past.

AI and machine learning are used in many industries, from robotics to financial markets, medical technology, autonomous cars, and more. Some of your most used daily applications are already leveraging AI technology. Google search, Siri, and Alexa are examples of technology that uses artificial intelligence in the background.

AI technology can be used in facial recognition engines, voice recognition, and speech synthesis (or speech-to-text technology). AI is constantly evolving, and many breakthroughs are being made daily. The next generation of AI is sure to be incredible.

There are many technologies behind the tech that we refer to as “AI.” These technologies include machine learning, deep learning models, neural networks, and natural language understanding. Each piece of the “AI puzzle” is being expanded daily by different teams that are part of the AI ecosystem.

Many AI technologies are open source, meaning that developers can use them for free without a commercial license. Other AI technologies are owned by large corporations, like Google or Microsoft, or small startups showing promising products already. These large companies, such as Meta, have even made some of their AI tools open source so the community can benefit from them.

Artificial Intelligence is a field to watch in the coming years. It will be interesting to see how AI evolves and which tasks that typically take humans will be replaced by AI. It’s not all doom and gloom; AI will also help create opportunities for humans. It may even free workers from mundane tasks to focus on more high-value work.

Natural Language Understanding in AI

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Natural Language Understanding is one of the most fascinating areas of study in the AI world. This is especially true for website owners and authors. Natural Language Understanding, sometimes referred to as NLU, is the evolution of Natural Language Processing. It’s a sub-field in artificial intelligence that focuses on solving the problem of computers understanding and communicating in natural human-like language.

Some of the capabilities of NLU include understanding the sentiment of a sentence, identifying the intent of a conversation, or classifying sections of text into categories. By understanding the nuances of language, machines will be able to interact with people more accurately and efficiently.

How does this fit into a WordPress AI plugin? As authors, we want to be able to leverage AI. Writing is one of the most popular forms of media. Fortunately, written words are great for analysis with AI. Authors can leverage AI technology to help them write better articles and blog posts.

Using natural language understanding, a WordPress NLP plugin could analyze text and offer suggestions to help a writer develop more ideas for an article. This idea may seem simple initially, but the technology required to achieve this is quite complicated. However, you should be able to see how this type of AI tech would be beneficial to an author.

The Usage of Large Language Models in AI

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GPT-3 responding to my question

NLU in artificial intelligence currently works off machine learning models that we refer to as large language models. These are some of the most sophisticated language models ever created and contain billions of data points.

One popular language model, BERT, was initially developed by Google in 2018. BERT had two main functionalities: language modeling and next-sentence prediction. The latter would enable the machine learning model to predict the next sentence based on the previously entered text. BERT is also optimized to help with question answering. By 2020 Google was using BERT in all English language queries on their search engine. The technology has continued to develop, and the results are visible in Google search results if you pay attention.

The next notable large language model was GPT-2, designed in 2019. It is a Generative Pre-trained transformer. The model was pre-trained on over 8 million web pages and was designed to generate human-like text by predicting the next word in a sentence based on the previous words and their relationships. GPT-2 also was able to handle many languages, such as German in addition to English. Both BERT and GPT-2 were open sources and available for use by the AI community.

In 2022, GPT-3 lit the AI world on fire with its human-like ability to produce text. This is mostly due to the demo application of the technology called ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, which is the company behind GPT-2 and GPT-3. The demo allowed regular people to interact with a highly sophisticated AI conversation engine for the first time. The GPT-3 AI model was trained on over 175 billion parameters, about 10x the parameters used in previous models. This allowed to model to generate and understand the much lengthier text.

With the technology of GPT-3 at our fingertips, it’s not surprising that people want a simple way to leverage this technology in a WordPress AI plugin.

WordPress AI Plugin

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What could an artificial intelligence plugin for WordPress do? With WritersBlok, we’ve built a WordPress AI Plugin to help authors when they hit the dreaded writer’s block. We all know the feeling. There is a deadline looming, but we cannot come up with any ideas to write about. Maybe you have a post half done but can’t figure out what to write for the next section. What if there was an AI writing assistant for WordPress that would help you when you get stuck in these situations?

This is where a WordPress AI Plugin like WritersBlok can come into play. We’ve released the first version of the WritersBlok WordPress AI Plugin with some functionality to assist the everyday author, including:

  • Article Topic generation – Maybe you have a general idea for an article but are unsure exactly what to write about. The article topics feature can help you brainstorm ideas for the title and automatically set the title in the WordPress editor. For example, maybe you want to create a seasonal post about “Holiday Lights.” WritersBlok will generate more thoughtful titles like “Creative Uses for String Lights During the Holidays” that you can use as your post title.
  • Article Introduction generation – If you’re struggling to get started, use the WritersBlok WordPress AI Plugin to generate a paragraph or two of text for the article introduction. This introduction can be inserted into the editor and modified as needed. Giving you a head start on your content generation.
  • Article Conclusion generation – You’re wrapping up an article but cannot find the right words to close it out. Use the article conclusion generator to help you finish that blog post and get it published.
  • Article Outline generation – Get the “scaffold” for your article. This tool can take an article title or keywords and spit out subheadings that would be useful in the article body. The author can then expand on those subsections.
  • Generate paragraphs of text – The WordPress AI Plugin can take keywords or key phrases and turn them into text. This text could be used as a starting point to fill in the subsections of a blog post.
  • Keywords to Bullet Points generation – Generate bullet points for article subsections. Expand on each bullet point to fill out the body of your blog post or article.

These features are free for free in the WritersBlok WordPress AI Plugin. Install the plugin, get your API key from OpenAI, and start writing.

The Future of the WordPress AI Plugin

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We intend to keep adding additional functionality to the WritersBlok AI plugin for WordPress. The features above are all available for free today, but many more will be coming.

We believe that leveraging the power of artificial intelligence technology can help benefit both authors and readers by developer more rich content and answering the questions that the readers are looking for.

It’s no doubt that many new and powerful WordPress AI Plugins will be developed. We cannot wait to see what develops in the WordPress ecosystem with respect to AI technology.

With a powerful WordPress AI content generator like WritersBlok, you’ll never be stuck with writer’s block again.

Common Questions about WordPress AI Plugins

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Can I use AI in WordPress?

Yes, AI technology can be used in WordPress today. Many plugins leverage different types of AI to perform specific actions or functionality. You can get started with AI content generation for WordPress today by installing the WritersBlok plugin.

How do I add AI to WordPress?

To start with AI in WordPress, you first need to decide which WordPress AI plugin you want to use. A simple choice is to start with WritersBlok to help you generate AI content ideas. Simply click the install button on the WritersBlok page and follow the instructions.

What is Artificial Intelligence used for today?

AI is being used in a wide range of areas already today. There is probably not a single sector of the market that is not interested in or testing out some form of AI technology. Some examples of this are developing personalized marketing campaigns and better-automated customer service solutions. The technology is being used to develop robots and self-driving technology. In health care, AI is used to diagnose and treat diseases.


WritersBlok offers developers and website owners a wide range of features and benefits. Its ability to quickly create new content, provide helpful insights, and optimize website performance can be a powerful tool in your arsenal for driving website success. With its user-friendly interface, AI-enabled features, and extensive customization options, the best WordPress AI plugin can help you create a website tailored to your unique needs and objectives.


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