The Ultimate List of WordPress Artificial Intelligence Plugins

Are you looking for ways to give your website a technological boost? Utilizing WordPress Artificial Intelligence plugins can be a great way to do it. From creating a personalized user experience to automating customer service inquiries and more, Artificial Intelligence has the power to streamline time-consuming website tasks and help you increase your ROI. In this article, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of WordPress AI plugins to get you started.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the branch of computer science that studies methods of enabling machines and computers to simulate human intelligence. This involves programming computers and machines to learn, think, and make decisions like a human would. AI can be used to create virtual assistants or bots, develop systems that can anticipate customer needs, and create expert systems that can carry out specific tasks at a higher level of proficiency than a human. AI can also be used in medical diagnosis and robotics, as well as in business and industrial automation. AI is a rapidly growing technology and is being used in more and more industries and applications.

How AI is Changing Content Creation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way content is created. By using AI, content creators are able to craft more creative, tailored, and engaging content more easily. AI can help writers generate headlines, suggests photos and videos, curate content from reliable sources, and even offer suggestions for related content. AI allows content creators to work more efficiently and maximize productivity. AI can also track and monitor the performance of content and make adjustments to ensure it is optimized for the best results. AI is changing the way content creators create and deliver content, making it easier and more effective to reach and engage with audiences.

Can Artificial Intelligence Be Applied to WordPress?

Yes, artificial intelligence can be applied to WordPress. WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that powers millions of websites and applications around the world. Thanks to recent advances in AI technology, WordPress can now be utilized for automated content creation and better search results.

Additionally, AI-powered plugins can even optimize WordPress for faster loading speeds and more efficient data processing. This means that users will be able to access their WordPress powered sites faster than ever before. There are many more ways that AI is being applied to WordPress in order to streamline processes, improve user experience and make the web a better place.

What are the Best WordPress Artificial Intelligence Plugins

There is no shortage of AI powered WordPress plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Now everyday bloggers can unleashe the power of advanced artificial intelligence in their WordPress site.

WritersBlok AI

WritersBlok AI WordPress plugins use artificial intelligence to automate content creation and assist writers. Generate advanced AI powered content ideas to help you write engaging blog posts with ease. WritersBlok uses highly advanced GPT AI machine learning models to improve your writing abilities. This content generator is a powerful tool to have in your writing toolkit.

The free version includes some very good features such as the ability to generate topic ideas, outline the blog structures, generate subheadings, create introductions, create conclusions and much more.  The premium version of the plugin has the ability to generate full blog posts, listicles, product descriptions, FAQs, and more.


The Akismet WordPress plugin is a powerful tool that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to protect websites from malicious comments, spam, and other types of intrusive content. AI is used to identify suspicious content and automatically remove it from the users’ pages. Akismet is able to learn from its mistakes and adapt to new types of malicious content.

It can quickly detect and block thousands of threats, making it one of the most effective WordPress plugins for protection against spam and malicious content. The Akismet WordPress plugin is also free, making it an invaluable tool for WordPress users.


WordLift is a WordPress plugin that uses Artificial Intelligence to help SEO professionals, journalists and blog writers optimize their content for optimal search engine performance. The plugin uses semantic analysis, natural language processing and artificial intelligence to interpret a user’s content and provide them with recommended topics, related content, and powerful insights into their website’s performance.

WordLift automatically generates headlines, meta descriptions and structured data, helping sites appear higher in search engine results, making content easier to find. It’s an easy-to-use and effective tool that can be used by anyone to improve their content’s SEO performance.

MyCurator Content Curation

MyCurator Content Curation WordPress plugin uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help users curate content for their WordPress sites. The AI is able to automatically identify what content is relevant to the user’s site, making it easier for the user to find and organize content that meets their needs. The plugin also incorporates machine learning algorithms that allow it to learn from user interactions, so that it can better identify relevant content.

MyCurator is able to provide users with an array of information about each article and give suggestions for connecting content to different parts of the user’s site. This content curation plugin simplifies the process of aggregating and organizing content, which can easily be integrated into any WordPress site.


The WebsiteVoice Content Curation WordPress plugin uses AI technology to help curate content for websites. This plugin harnesses several data points to help pinpoint relevant content that is both related to the website’s topic as well as of higher quality. The core of its AI technology is based off a proprietary machine learning algorithm that ensures each article, blog post and video is properly sifted through.

Users have the ability to choose the frequency and categorization of updates and can easily customize the amount of content delivered. Furthermore, the plugin runs in the background, doing its work with no additional management required. With this technology, website owners can easily generate content that they can be sure is relevant and timely to stay ahead of their competitors.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Quttera Web Malware Scanner Content Curation WordPress plugin uses AI to scan website and blog content for any malicious content. It uses natural language processing to identify any potential malware, and can help users to identify malicious files and links before they cause any damage.

Through artificial intelligence, it is able to detect malicious links, files, and other malware content, and can help to protect the WordPress website from any security threats. Furthermore, it can be used to help with content curation, as it can identify malicious content and help users to delete it from their website and blog. AI technology helps to keep WordPress sites secure and safe from any malicious content.


ChatBot for WordPress is a plugin that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create custom conversations with visitors on your website. This plugin uses AI to create a bot that can replicate how a human would respond to questions from visitors. The plugin continuously gathers data from visitors, including their custom behaviors and interactions with your site, so it can tailor conversation and provide more natural dialogue with the help of AI.

ChatBot for WordPress can also be used to gather information from visitors, such as their interest in certain products or services, and then use that data to help target your audience more effectively.

The Link Whisper WordPress plugin uses AI to reduce the amount of time spent manually building out internal links on a WordPress website. Link Whisper uses AI to analyze webpages to determine the best link between two given pieces of content. It also suggests relevant links to interconnect content, promoting a better user experience by making content more easily discoverable.

Additionally, Link Whisper is optimized to ensure that it arranges links locally, providing faster loading times and better SEO results. To ensure that all relevant content is fully connected, Link Whisper generates an audit of content that should be linked.


ImageSEO WordPress plugin is a tool that offers AI capabilities to optimize images on WordPress-based websites. This plugin uses AI to analyze images, optimize them to reduce overall file size while maintaining their resolution and quality, and also provide labels with keywords fitted to the best-fit scenario. This AI plugin can be used to automatically resize and crop images to desired sizes before insertion, compress images without losing quality, improve loading speeds, and even detect faces and objects. All of these features work together to improve the overall SEO performance of websites and rank them higher in search engine results.


The SEOPress WordPress plugin leverages artificial intelligence in a variety of different ways. AI is used to help users optimize their pages for search engines. AI algorithms will scan a page and analyze its content to determine which keywords should be used to drive more organic traffic. AI can also be used to automate meta tags, titles, and descriptions for the pages, as well as generating XML sitemaps to make sure the pages can be easily indexed by the search engines.

In addition, AI can be used to detect duplicate content across different pages and ensure no penalty is incurred for exact copy/pasting keywords to multiple pages. SEOPress is a powerful plugin for WordPress that makes use of AI to ensure websites are optimized for search engine crawlers and users can get more organic traffic.

AI Engine

The AI Engines WordPress plugin is a powerful and innovative tool that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to optimize website performance. It can analyze site content, analyze user search queries, and optimize content for different types of keywords. It also helps to increase website traffic and reduce bounce rate. In addition, AI Engines WordPress plugin can automatically create sitemaps and audit website structure for better SEO performance.

By using this plugin, website owners can save time, increase their visibility in search engine rankings, and ensure their content is relevant and effective. With AI Engines WordPress plugin, website owners get the benefit of improved SEO performance and a more user-friendly interface.

Bertha AI

The Bertha AI WordPress plugin harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide customized content recommendations to website visitors. By monitoring user behavior on the website, Bertha AI can quickly make recommendations tailored to individual visitor’s tastes and preferences. By using AI to analyze a visitor’s browsing patterns and pageviews, it can identify what content might be of interest.

Bertha AI will provide detailed analysis of the website’s content, helping to create more engaging and relevant experiences for the user. In addition, the plugin also gives website owners insights into the success of their campaigns and content, helping to guide them in making the necessary changes for improved performance.

ContentBot AI Writer

The ContentBot AI Writer WordPress plugin is a revolutionary plugin that uses artificial intelligence technology to help writers create content quickly and efficiently. This plugin uses an advanced natural language processing model to analyze data and produce a finished post or article in a fraction of the time. ContentBot can suggest topics and titles, pick the best words to use, and generate content that incorporates key words and phrases.

By streamlining the process of content creation, ContentBot AI Writer can save time and effort and ensure the content produced is of a higher quality. In addition, this plugin can help save costs by producing content in places where a human writer would cost more. Furthermore, with its integration into the WordPress platform, it makes managing and publishing content even easier.


Tidio WordPress plugin uses AI to improve website users’ experience by providing a smart chatbot. The AI chatbot helps website users to communicate with the brand, refer to its services, provide information, answer FAQ’s, take orders and even book appointments.

Additionally, the chatbot can help reduce sales people’s workload by automating various customer service processes. This in turn can allow the salespeople to focus on more important tasks, resulting in higher productivity and higher customer satisfaction.

The YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin WordPress plugin uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to algorithmically discover related content within a given website. It helps to quickly populate a related posts or pages section on a website, allowing webmasters and users to easily find related content. The plugin uses advanced topic modelling and content analysis to identify related posts and pages accurately.

It analyzes the content published and can display related posts, pages, and even products based on the rich data it collects. The plugin is constantly learning in order to provide more applicable and accurate content to the user. This helps to improve user engagement and website stickiness, as users are more likely to browse related content when it is made more accessible.


GetGenie is a plugin that uses AI to automate the tedious everyday processes of small businesses. The plugin uses AI-based automation to automatically carry out processes like filing paperwork, managing customer relations, collecting payments, and scheduling tasks.

This helps small businesses save time and keep their operations running smoothly. Furthermore, the plugin uses predictive analytics to assess data and recognize patterns, so the business can make informed decisions about their strategy and operations. GetGenie simplifies workflows for small and growing businesses, so they can focus on growth, innovation, and increasing their customer base.


RankMath is a popular WordPress SEO plugin that uses AI to analyze your content and give you real-time feedback to optimize your SEO. It uses AI to scan through your content and identify keywords and phrases that are most relevant to your content and give you autocomplete suggestions based on your content and user search trends.

It also uses AI to detect any duplicate content, broken links, and recommends keyword variations for maximum SEO value. By using AI, RankMath plugin takes SEO to the next level and helps users create SEO-optimized content faster and with greater accuracy.

WP AI Assistant

The WP AI Assistant plugin is a powerful and intuitive tool that uses AI technology to provide users with enhanced website assistance. It automatically scans websites and suggests potential improvements based on user feedback. The WP AI Assistant plugin utilizes natural language processing technology to deliver personalized and reliable website information.

It can help users by answering website related questions, gathering analytics data, and providing automated recommendations for website optimization. Additionally, the WP AI Assistant plugin offers custom tailored support services based on user analytics to further improve website performance. By using AI, the WP AI Assistant plugin can quickly and accurately identify any potential website improvement areas.


WebsiteVoice is a plugin that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create a more interactive, convenient, and personalized experience for website visitors. It is capable of analyzing website visitor behavior in order to understand and respond to their preferences. It also allows for voice-driven searches and a more natural conversational interface.

WebsiteVoice is also capable of providing real-time advice and recommendations, creating personalized journies, and predicting customer needs and wants. Furthermore, WebsiteVoice also helps to enhance customer engagement and make website interactions more enjoyable, creating a more memorable experience for the visitor.

GPT AI Power

The GPT AI Power plugin utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to enhance and extend the capabilities of WordPress. This plugin uses AI to power content creation, predictive search, and natural language processing. It can learn and adapt to user behavior and can be used to display personalized content across a website. GPT AI Power plugin also offers automated time-saving features such as automated resource management, streamlined SEO setup, and enhanced analytics.

Furthermore, it provides integration with top industry third-party providers such as Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. With GPT AI Power, website owners can take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver the best user experience for their websites and maximize the return on their online investments.


The AutoWriter plugin utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide users with writing assistance. It can be used to generate fully researched articles, which is done by analyzing keyword data and external sources. AI algorithms are then used to scan the generated article and make sure that the content is accurate and relevant. The AutoWriter plugin is a great tool for anyone looking to increase the quality of their written work and save time. Additionally, it is free to use and provides users with a quick and easy way to write more effectively.

AI Content Writer

The AI Content Writer plugin harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help write content in a fraction of the time of manual composition. With sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, it can quickly analyze a user-provided source material and generate text that matches the style and tone of the source.

As it works, it simultaneously optimizes the grammar, sentence structure, and meaning for clarity and flow. Additionally, this content can be customized according to the user’s specifc needs or preferences, even if the user has not presented a source document. By utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, the AI Content Writer plugin offers users a fast and efficient way to generate high-quality written content.

AI Mojo

The AI Content Writer plugin harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help write content in a fraction of the time of manual composition. With sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, it can quickly analyze a user-provided source material and generate text that matches the style and tone of the source.

As it works, it simultaneously optimizes the grammar, sentence structure, and meaning for clarity and flow. Additionally, this content can be customized according to the user’s specifc needs or preferences, even if the user has not presented a source document. By utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, the AI Content Writer plugin offers users a fast and efficient way to generate high-quality written content.

Innovator AI

Innovator AI is a plugin that uses AI technology to help marketers and entrepreneurs to customize their marketing campaigns. It is capable of analyzing the customer data in real-time and predicts their likely future behaviors. This allows businesses to launch more effective campaigns that are tailored to target audiences. It also enables marketers to quickly identify customer pain points and respond to them with marketing activities that suit the customers’ needs.

With Innovator AI, marketers can get access to AI predictions, optimization and automated decision-making which can help them to optimize campaigns and make informed decisions. The plugin has been proven to help businesses increase their ROI and drive engagement with their target audiences.


The Copymatic WordPress plugin is an AI-driven plugin that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to help users optimize their webpage content. It takes user submitted text, optimizes it, and then suggests edits and changes in order to maximize the search engine optimization (SEO) of the webpage. By scanning for words and phrases that aren’t attracting enough search engine traffic, Copymatic quickly and accurately provides users with actionable changes to improve the overall ranking of their page.

Furthermore, the plugin intelligently detects and highlights issues with incorrect keyword density, duplicate/missing content, and on page optimization. This plugin takes the hassle and guess work out of SEO and provides users with an intuitive and helpful way to ensure their pages are at their best.

LongShot AI

The LongShot AI plugin uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take the guesswork out of website optimization. It does this by gathering analytics and making adjustments to your website in order to increase user engagement, and achieve a higher website conversion rate. The plugin’s AI algorithm takes into account a wide variety of factors, such as user behavior, website engagement stats, and website content.

It uses this data to determine which changes would result in the best outcomes, like improved visitors and time on site. By continually making adjustments, it learns and adapts over time, creating the most effective optimization campaign possible. The AI tool also offers detailed analytics and insights, so you can keep track of your website’s success.

AI Content X

The AI Content X plugin is an innovative tool that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to automatically generate content for a variety of purposes. It uses AI-driven algorithms to curate content from external sources, analyze the sentiment of that content, and compile it into unique articles or blog posts.

Its AI-driven insights also help to identify trends and topics with the highest engagement, so that content marketers can adjust their strategy accordingly. AI Content X is easy to use, so any content marketer or website owner can quickly begin creating automated posts and seeing results. With AI Content X, content creation is faster, easier, and more effective than ever before.

Acobot AI Chatbot

Acobot AI Chatbot plugin is a powerful and easy to use AI chatbot platform. It uses natural language processing technology to create intelligent and interactive conversations with website visitors. Acobot’s AI chatbot also uses context aware algorithms to understand the user’s query and provide accurate answers.

The chatbot is capable of understanding multiple languages, allowing it to provide language-agnostic conversations. With customization options, businesses can create their own AI chatbot and embed it in their website. Acobot helps to create personalized conversations with users, improve customer satisfaction and create better user experiences to drive conversions.

Cense Conversational AI Chatbot

The Cense Conversational AI Chatbot plugin uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create advanced chatbot services that are capable of assistance, learning, and providing instructions. It enables companies to create chatbot experiences that keep their customers and employees engaged. Through natural language processing, it can understand users’ intent and respond to requests. By analyzing user conversations, Cense Conversational AI Chatbot can surface trends and provide support in order to maximize customer satisfaction and efficiency.

It can generate customized answers for user needs, managing inquiries beyond pre-programmed tasks and helping users complete their desired goal. With advanced techniques, such as machine learning, Cense Conversational AI Chatbot can give recommendations that are tailored to individual users and the needs of the business.


WordPress plugins have come a long way in recent years. With the added capability of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), automation has taken on a whole new level and revolutionized the way we interact with WordPress. The ultimate list of WordPress Artificial Intelligence (AI) plugins is quite impressive, and includes a range of solutions that bring advanced automation to a variety of WordPress websites.

From WordPress content creation to intelligent spam protection, to helpful customer interaction, these plugins provide ways to enhance efficiency and usability. With these plugins, WordPress users of all levels can take advantage of the power of A.I., once only available with expensive custom solutions. Ultimately, these WordPress Artificial Intelligence plugins can help make websites more functional, smarter and more efficient.

As always you can download WritersBlok AI content generator for WordPress here.


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